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PhD – King's College, University of Cambridge, UK
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Prof. Jonathan J. Wylie's research is focused on fluid mechanics, granular materials and other industrially motivated problems. He obtained his PhD and was subsequently awarded a Junior Research Fellowship from King's College, Cambridge. He is the author of a number of research papers and has publications in "Science" and "Physical Review Letters". He is an associate editor of "Mathematics-in-Industry: Case Studies" which is a new journal launched by the Fields Institute, Canada. He was a member of the organising committee for the "International Conference on Applied Mathematics: Modeling, Analysis and Computations" in CityU (2008) and is also a member of the organising committee for the upcoming "Third workshop on Industrial Applications" in CityU (2009).

Research Interests
  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Granular Materials
  • Suspension Mechanics
  • Mathematical Modelling of Geophysical Systems
Selected Publications
  • W.Guo, Q.Zhang and J.J.Wylie
    “Intermittency in dilute granular flows”
    Europhysics Letters115, 14003 (2016).
  • D.He, J.J.Wylie, H.Huang & R.M.Miura
    “Extension of a viscous thread with temperature-dependent viscosity and surface tension”
    Journal of Fluid Mechanics800, 720 (2016).
  • J.J.Wylie, B.H.Bradshaw-Hajek & Y.M.Stokes
    “The evolution of a viscous thread pulled with a prescribed speed”
    Journal of Fluid Mechanics795, 380 (2016).
  • J.J.Wylie, H.Huang & R.M.Miura
    “Asymptotic analysis of a viscous thread extending under gravity.”
    Physica D313, 51-60 (2015).
  • X.-S.Wang, D.He, J.J.Wylie & H.Huang “Singular Perturbation Solutions of Steady-state Poisson-Nernst-Planck Systems”
    Physical Review E89, 022722 (2014).
  • R. M. Miura, H.Huang & J.J.Wylie “Mathematical Approaches to Modeling of Cortical Spreading Depression”
    Chaos23, 046103 (2013).
  • J. C. Chang, K.C.Brennan, D.He, H.Huang, R.M.Miura, P.L.Wilson & J.J.Wylie “A Mathematical Model of the Metabolic and Perfusion Effects on Cortical Spreading Depression”
    PLOS One8(8), e70469 (2013).
  • J. J. Wylie, R.Yang & Q.Zhang “Periodic orbits of inelastic particles on a ring”
    Physical Review E86, 026601 (2012).
  • J. J. Wylie, H.Huang & R.M.Miura “Stretching of viscous threads at low Reynolds numbers”
    Journal of Fluid Mechanics683, 212 (2011).
  • Q. Zhang, Y.Fang & J.J.Wylie “Critical role of friction for a single particle falling through a funnel”
    Physical Review E83, 051303 (2011).
  • H. Huang, J.J.Wylie & R.M.Miura “Diffusion in a Cellular Medium: A (1+1)-Dimensional Model”
    Bulletin of Mathematical Biology73, 1682 (2011).
  • Y. H. Deng, J. J. Wylie & Q. Zhang "Deflection ofa dilute stream of particles"
    Physical Review E82, 011307 (2010).
  • R. Yang & J. J. Wylie "Degenerate orbit transitions in a one-dimensional inelastic particle system"
    Physical Review E82, 011302 (2010).
  • J. J. Wylie, Q. Zhang & T. K. Siu "Can Expected Shortfall and Value-at-Risk be used to statically hedge options?"
    Quantitative Finance(2009).
  • J. J. Wylie, Q. Zhang, Y. Li & H. Y. Xu "Driven Inelastic Particle Systems with Drag"
    Physical Review E79, 031301 (2009).
  • H. Huang, R. M. Miura & J. J. Wylie "Dopant diffusion during optical fiber drawing"
    SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics69, 330 (2008).
  • Y. Fang, M. Gao, J. J. Wylie & Q. Zhang "Anomalous behavior of a single particle falling through a funnel"
    Physical Review E77, 041302(2008).
  • J. J. Wylie, Q. Zhang, H. Y. Xu & X. X. Sun "Drag-induced Particle Segregation with Vibrating Boundaries"
    Europhysics Letters81, 54001 (2008).
  • J. J. Wylie & H. Huang "Extensional flows with viscous heating"
    Journal of Fluid Mechanics571, 359 (2007).
  • H. Huang, J. J. Wylie, R. M. Miura & P. D. Howell "On the Formation of Glass Microelectrodes"
    SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics67, 630(2007).
  • S. Ben Hariz, J. J. Wylie & Q. Zhang "Optimal rate of convergence for nonparametric change-point estimators for non-stationary sequences"
    Annals of Statistics35, 1802 (2007).
  • J. J. Wylie, H. Huang & R. M. Miura "Thermal Instability in drawing viscous threads"
    Journal of Fluid Mechanics570, 1 (2007).
  • J. J. Wylie, Q. Zhang & X. X. Sun "Anomalous Ritchmyer-Meshkov Fingering in Dissipative Particle Systems"
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  • J. J. Wylie & Q. Zhang "Collapse of periodic orbits in an inelastic one-dimensional particle system"
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  • J. J. Wylie & R. M. Miura "Traveling Waves in Coupled Reaction-Diffusion Models with Degenerate Sources"
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  • J. J. Wylie, D. L. Koch & A. J. C. Ladd "Rheology of Suspensions with high Particle Inertia and moderate fluid inertia"
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  • J. J. Wylie, B. Voight & J. A. Whitehead "Instability of magma flow with volatile-dependent viscosity"
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  • J. J. Wylie & D. L. Koch "Particle clustering due to hydrodynamic interactions"
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