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E-Reference Works

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Highlighted E-Reference Collections

AccessEngineering features content from a broad range of must-have McGraw-Hill engineering publications, including the latest editions of classics such as Marks' Standard Handbook for Mechanical Engineers, Perry's Chemical Engineers Handbook, Standard Handbook for Electrical Engineers, Roark's Formulas for Stress and Strain, and many more. The collection focuses around 14 major areas of engineering: Biomedical, Chemical, Civil, Communications, Construction, Electrical, Energy, Environmental, Green/Sustainable, Industrial, Material Science, Mechanical, Nanotechnology, and Optical. In addition, the McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Engineering, which contains entries containing synonyms, acronyms, abbreviations, and a pronunciation guide, is embedded on all search pages.
Blackwell Reference Online (In Wiley Online Library Books)
Blackwell Reference Online provides online access to about 280 reference works such as dictionaries, encyclopedias and concise companions in humanities and social sciences. Subjects covered include business, management, economics, history, language, linguistics, literature, cultural studies, philosophy, religion, sociology and psychology.
Cambridge Core. Cambridge Histories
This historical reference compendium provides access to the renowned texts of the Cambridge Histories series. It contains over 300 volumes published since 1960, covering historical subject areas such as American history, British history, economic history, general history, history of science, history of the Book, language and linguistics, literary studies, music, philosophy, political and social theory, regional history, religious studies, theatre studies and performing arts, and warefare.
Credo Reference
This is an online reference collection, and it features full-text content from hundreds of reference books, as well as images (art, diagrams, maps and photos), sound files, animations, videos and much more, covering a broad range of subjects. Credo Reference contains dictionaries, bilingual dictionaries, thesauri, encyclopaedias, quotations and atlases, plus a wide range or subject-specific titles covering everything from accounting to zoology, via maps, math, management, martial arts, media studies, medicine, mountains, moons, music, multimedia, mythology.
Gale eBooks (formerly Gale Virtual Reference Library)
The subscribed titles in this collection cover subjects such as arts, biography, business, education, environment, history, law, literature, medicine, multicultural studies, nations and world, science, social science and technology.
Oxford Reference
The Collection offers access to core academic subject, language, and quotations dictionaries and specialist reference works published by Oxford University Press, covering a wide range of subjects.
SAGE Knowledge
The e-reference titles in this collection cover subjects such as business and management, criminology and criminal justice, education, geography and environment, health and social welfare, politics, psychology, counseling, sociology, social issues, research methods and evaluation.
Wiley Online Library Reference Works
The 10 subscribed titles in this collection cover subjects such as life sciences, biomedical engineering, psychology, business, materials science, telecommunication, electrical and electronic engineering and statistical sciences
文淵閣四庫全書電子版【網上版】 Siku Quanshu (Wenyuange Edition) Online Subscription Services
中國工具書網絡出版總庫 China Reference Works Online
此國內工具書庫集成了近200家知名出版社的工具書,類型包括語文詞典、雙語詞典、專業辭典、百科全書、圖錄、表譜、傳記、手冊等。此工具書庫按學科分10 大專輯,圖書館現時提供的專輯有 "哲學與人文科學"、"社會科學 I (政治/軍事/法律)"、"社會科學 II (教育/社科)" 及 "經濟與管理科學"。
中國年鑒網絡出版總庫 China Yearbooks Full-text Database
此國內年鑒資源全文數據庫內容覆蓋基本國情、地理歷史、政治軍事外交、法律、經濟、教育、文化體育事業、社會生活、人物、統計資料、法律法規等各個領域。圖書館現時提供的專輯有 "文史哲"、"政治軍事與法律"、"教育與社會科學綜合"及"經濟與管理"。
中國基本古籍庫 Database of Chinese Classic Ancient Books
此古籍庫共收錄自先秦至民國(公元前11世紀至公元20世紀初) 歷代典籍1萬種、16萬餘卷,選用版本12,500個、20萬餘卷。每種典籍均製成數碼全文, 並附所據版本及其他重要版本之原版影像。其收錄範圍涵蓋全部中國歷史與文化, 其內容含量相當於3部《四庫全書》。 數據庫共分哲科、史地、藝文及綜合四庫,具檢索功能,可進行分類、條目、全文檢索。
中國統計年鑒數據庫 (數據挖掘版) China Statistical Yearbooks Database (Data Mining Edition)
此數據庫含國內約 1,100 種已出版發行的權威統計年鑒,集統計數據資源整合、數據深度挖掘分析及多維度統計指標快捷檢索等功能於一體。 讀者可根據研究課題需求,通過定制地區,指標和年份等參數,提供地區發展對比分析、單一或多方面指標分析,時間序列分析等等。