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City Literature


《城市文學》是城大文康委員會創辦的一本文學雜誌,創刊號於2006年9月正式出版。旨在鼓勵香港及澳門青年學子積極從事華文創作,以文會友,並藉此促進兩地的文學交流。創刊號除刋載城市文學創作獎」的得獎作品外,還選錄了城大師生和校友的創作、評論和譯介作品。「城市文學創作獎」是城市大學舉辦的徵文比賽,首屆比賽公開給港澳地區的大專生參與,更邀請了六位海內外名家 陳冠中先生、張大春先生、董橋先生、葉輝先生、劉再復教授及鄭愁予教授擔任評審。





City Literature Online

City Literature, a literary magazine published by the CityU Cultural and Sports Committee, has the inaugural issue out of the press in September 2006. The magazine aims to foster literary creation and exchange with literature lovers, and promote literary interflow among young generation in Hong Kong and Macau. Apart from publishing the winning entries of “City Literary Award”, the inaugural issue also covers creative writings, critiques and translation works contributed by university members. This Award is a writing competition hosted by the City University, and the competition in 2005/06 is open to students from all tertiary institutions in Hong Kong and Macau. Six well-known writers from overseas and Hong Kong acted as adjudicators, including Mr. John Chan, Mr. Chang Ta-chuan, Mr. Dong Qiao, Mr. Yip Fei, Professor Liu Zaifu and Professor Cheng Chou-yu.

The former title of this magazine is CityU Literature which was first published in 1997. Its aim was to enhance interests in Chinese literary writing among CityU staff and students.

Literature is closely related to daily lives. Writing shapes one's personality and, in the meanwhile, is a reflection of one's life. Thus, it is not restricted to any discipline. Each year, winners came from different academic departments and their outstanding works have pleasantly surprised our readers.

To preserve and archive the articles published in City Literature and CityU Literature, the CityU Cultural and Sports Committee and the Library have jointly developed the City Literature Online for the university community and literature lovers to enjoy these excellent and inspiring articles online.

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