16 PC workstations for Alumni and outsiders such as JULAC card holders are used to search for materials available in the library, to access electronic databases and electronic journals as well as the Internet. All these are linked to a network printer which takes Octopus Cards. 8 PC workstations equipped with a wide range of software tools are available for current CityU staff and students only.

A number of media resources workstations are provided outside the Media Resources Collection Room of the Library for all library users to use various media resources.
Carrels with various equipment are provided in the area for users to use library resources only but not personal media. Available equipment includes:
  • Videocassette players of the following formats: U-matic, VHS All of the VCRs are available with mutli-system capacities.
  • Multidisc players
  • Audio cassette deck
  • Multimedia PC computers
N.B. Microform reader/scanner is available at the outer rim of the Oval.