Sharing the Experience of Arts at CityU Library –
Dr Sze Chi-ching and His Fellow Artists

7 July 2011
2:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.
User Education Room

Dr Sze Chi-ching, Chairman of Hang Tung Resources Holding Limited and President of the Calligraphy and Painting Study Association of Hong Kong Fukienese (香港福建書畫研究會) (Association), led a 5-member delegation that included artists from the Association and famous painters and visited the Library on 7 July 2011.

A successful scholar-businessman, Dr Sze has been passionate about the art of calligraphy since childhood. He has studied Chinese calligraphy extensively and he has embraced calligraphy of different styles and established his own style. His works of calligraphy have been displayed numerous times in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Fuzhou, Xiamen, etc. Publications by Dr Sze are many, which include of large scale special publications on calligraphy. Dr Sze is also a well-known philanthropist in education and he is particularly supportive of CityU’s commitment to professional education. Founded by Dr Sze, the Association composed of many famous and talented artists in Chinese calligraphy and paintings. Members usually showcase their artworks and share with the Hong Kong community in the annual exhibition of the Association.

The delegation was welcomed by Prof Way Kuo, University President; Prof Roderick Wong, Vice President (Development and External Relations); Prof Cheng Pei-kai, Director of Chinese Civilisation Centre; Prof Steve Ching, University Librarian; Ms Ada Leung, Associate Vice-President of Development Office.

Prof. Steve Ching gave a report on the progress and learning outcomes of the Library’s  outside classroom learning activity named  “Ink and Brush in High Spirit: For the Soul and Script – Chinese Calligraphy cum Exhibition of the Calligraphy Works by Dr Sze Chi-ching. To express our sincere gratitude towards Dr Sze tremendous support and contribution, a souvenir box set was also presented to Dr Sze. Highlights of the box set include a report which chronicles Dr Sze’s participation in the event; a photo collections disc with rich selection of memorable moments of the event for Dr Sze’s memory; and a Library’s produced documentary DVD, “From Chinese Calligraphy to Lifelong Learning – an Interview with Dr Sze Chi-ching”, copies of the documentary DVD will be distributed to the local university libraries for their circulation and collection. During the visit to the Library, Dr Sze also shared his thoughts about his works and his passion and persistence in practicing calligraphy. The artists demonstrated the art of calligraphy and traditional Chinese painting. All of their valuable artworks are now collected by the Library and will be shared with CityU community and others.

With the positive feedbacks from participants of the learning activities, the Library will continue to collaborate with artists and introduce their works to CityU Community with the aim to enhance their appreciation and understanding of Chinese culture as well as the artists’ life and achievements.

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