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Outside Classroom Learning:
Unlock the Riches of Chinese Paintings

¡§In art you have no boundaries¡¨*. Not only can art open your mind, but also create synergy across different academic disciplines. As pedagogy and technology evolve, the Library understands that it is crucial for us to reposition ourselves as a centre to transform information into knowledge. Fuelled by this vision, the Library has taken further steps in capitalizing on its own collections to organize different interdisciplinary or interdepartmental activities. Through this spectrum of activities outside classroom, students can be engaged in a wide range of thought-provoking and interest-arousing learning voyages. Their study experience can then be enhanced.

Enthusiastically embracing this rationale, the Library is pleased to have presented the Chinese Painting Promotion Program from 26 March to 11 June 2010 in collaboration with the Chinese Civilisation Centre and the Department of Chinese, Translation and Linguistics. The promotion program is carried out in three stages:

Stage 1: Multimedia Learning Resources (26 March to 25 April 2010)

Different study channels, such as inside-library display and remote subject web, were made available so to accommodate varied learning needs. Activities include:

  • Electronic Display:
  • Chinese Painting in electronic format were displayed at the Humanities Academy and the Lounge of the Library. A total of 33 significant paintings across 5 major dynasties have been selected, complemented with a succinct introduction to the characteristics of the paintings in each dynasty.

  • Dedicated Web:
  • The web site, with its contents similar to the electronic display in the Library, gives students an initial understanding of Chinese paintings.

  • Learning Assessment:
  • The learning assessment in the form of online quiz was available to evaluate students' initial knowledge about Chinese painting. A total of 416 students from both local and outpost campuses took part in the quiz in which 164 students got all their answers correct.

  • Supplementary Learning Resources:

  • The Library has developed a booklet on Chinese Painting for students's further interests and reference.

Stage 2: Talk on the renowned Chinese painting ¡§Dwelling in the Fu-chun Mountains¡¨ ( 17 May 2010)

Mr. Ho Chuan-hsing from the National Palace Museum was invited to give a talk on the life and achievement of Huang Kung-wang, painter of ¡§Dwelling in the Fu-chun Mountains¡¨ in the Yuan Dynasty, and the appreciation of the aesthetic value of this renowned painting at CCIV's AV Room of CityU.

Media Coverage

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Stage 3: Exhibition of Library Resources and a Replica of ¡§Dwelling in the Fu-chun Mountains¡¨ and (31 May to 11 June 2010)

In the exhibition, library resources on Chinese painting which could facilitate students' research were further introduced. A replica of ¡§Dwelling in the Fu-chun Mountains¡¨ and a series of panels introducing the life of Huang Kung-wang and background information of the painting were displayed. Meanwhile, the video-recording of the talk by Mr. Ho Chuan-hsing was shown at the Mini Theatre of the Library.

* Howard Raskin, ¡§Can an art gallery thrive in a science library? ¡¨,C&RL News (April 2009), p. 226.