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The Pacific Neighborhood Consortium (PNC) 2011 Annual Conference will be held at Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand on 19 – 21 October 2011. The Conference is to be organized by Academia Sinica and in collaboration with Hydro and Agro Informatics Institute (HAII), National Electronics and Computer Technology Center (NECTEC) and Chulalongkorn University, Thailand. The main theme for the Conference is “Managing Climate Change: From Science to Digital Humanities and Sustainability”. The conference calls for input from perspectives of information technology as well as digital humanities to address this up-and-coming issue. The Conference will consist of oral presentation and poster demonstration.

In order to provide an opportunity for library professionals and those working with digital content and technology from around the world to share their working experiences and successful ideas, a “Librarian Poster Competition” is organized to tie-in with the Conference.  CityU Library is honored to be invited to coordinate the Librarian Poster Competition.

Topics for Submission

 Topics for submission in the "Librarian Poster Competition" should be related to one of the following domains:

                    ¡´ e-Libraries
                    ¡´ e-Learning
                    ¡´ e-Publishing
                    ¡´ e-Resource

Librarian Poster Competition covers a broad range of subjects, grouped according to such areas as
management, collection developments, technology, reference, and library services to special groups, etc. It provides the opportunity for library professionals and those working with digital content and technology from around the world to share their successful ideas by presenting a research study report, a practical problem-solving effort, or an innovative library program; and to allow staff to formulate project and brush up their logical thinking, writing, information organization and presentation skills as a form of staff development opportunity.

Selection Criteria for Librarian Posters

Librarian Poster Competition emphasizes on staff development instead of comparison among digital libraries or information organizations. Library staff will be encouraged to practice their skills in logical
 thinking, writing, information organization and presentation skills, etc, and to reflect their competence from their individual works.

The selection criteria are:

(1) Idea Originality and Significance of the Project (30%)
The submissions will be assessed according to the originality of idea of the project, including its innovativeness, creativity and its significance to the library and information professions.

(2) Visual Effects (30%)
 The posters will be assessed according to the design, visual impacts, their relevance with the project and whether they can bring out the theme of the project.

(3) Oral Presentation (40%)
Participants will be assessed according to their styles of writing, logical thinking, information organizing skills and presentation skills.     

Submission Method

Step 1 – Registration

At least one of the participants has to register and attend the Competition in person. Please go to the site below for registration:

Step 2 – Abstract and Copyright Authorization Agreement Submission

Participants should submit their abstracts along with a Copyright Authorization Agreement directly through the online submission system by September 20, 2011. To download the forms and online submission, please go to:

Step 3 – Poster Submission

Participants have to send the poster to the organizer (please find the mailing address below) by October 12, 2011, or bring the poster to the venue and paste it on the poster board on your own.

                                                                  Ms. Nisarat  Kayasith
                                                                         National Electronics and Computer Technology Center (NECTEC)
                                                                         112 Thailand Science Park, Phahon Yothin Rd.,
                                                                         Klong 1, Klong Luang, Pathumthani 12120, Thailand
                                                                         ( Tel. +66(0)2-5646-900            +66(0)2-5646-900       ext.2409 )                   
   * Specifications of the Poster
        i. Available poster board size- A1: 841 mm (H) x 594 mm (W)

        ii. Poster size is not limited as long as it does not exceed the given size of the poster board
        iii. Poster can be a single piece or a mosaic but must not exceed the given size of the poster board


You may also visit the website below for the list of winners in 2010, including abstracts and images of their posters for further reference: .

For any enquiries, please contact Ms. Helen Lee at (tel) 3442 5418 or (email)