Exhibition of Books Donated by Professor Donald Stone


Professor Donald Stone, a visiting professor in the Department of Chinese, Translation and Linguistics (CTL) in 2001, is an art historian who has built up his collection of art books since his college days. He has an in-depth knowledge of Western art, painting and architecture, as well as Chinese civilization. When he visited CTL, he delivered a series of lectures on the impact of Chinese culture on European art and also developed links with CityU's Library.

On 12 December 2002, a donation ceremony officiated by Professor Zhang Longxi, Chair Professor of Comparative Literature and Translation in CTL and Director of the Centre for Cross-Cultural Studies was held. "Professor Stone is a connoisseur of Western art. Many titles in his collection are valuable out-of-print editions," said Professor Zhang Longxi. "Now, near his retirement age, he would like our Library to be the new home of his collection. The donation will provide excellent reference materials for our students, faculty, and staff when they do research on Western arts and culture."

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