Exhibition of Books Donated by Higher Education Press


Founded in 1954, Higher Education Press is currently the largest and most prominent publisher of academic books in China. It publishes in all academic disciplines in print and multi-media formats. It has extensive cooperation and trade relations with more than twenty countries worldwide. Higher Education Press is also committed to enhancing academic exchange between Hong Kong and Mainland China.

On 19 November 2003, a six-member delegation led by Mr Yang Songtao, the Vice President of the Higher Education Press visited CityU Library and officiated a book donation ceremony held in the Library Lobby. The Book Donation Ceremony began with a welcoming address by Prof Eden Yu, the Acting Librarian. Mr Yang Songtao then presented the donated books to the Library. This generous donation is a fine addition to our collection. It includes about 200 books published by Higher Education Press, covering art, humanities and social sciences to different science and engineering disciplines. Titles of the "Advances in Contemporary Sciences Series" and various multimedia CD-ROMs are also included.

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