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GE Fair 2010/11 – Pathways to Knowledge: GE Book Show

Students admitted to Bachelor’s degree programme at City University of Hong Kong since 2008/09 are required to fulfill the General Education (GE) requirements. With its mission to strengthen the teaching and learning environment of the University and facilitate development of the GE programme, the Office of Education Development and General Education (EDGE) organized the GE Fair 2010/11 – Pathways to Knowledge to introduce the 33 GE courses to be offered in Semester B 2010/11 for students to select suitable GE courses based on their interests. Apart from an exhibition and student sharing, a GE Book Show was held at the Library in which recommended readings for these 33 GE courses and 2 core courses: 1) Chinese Civilization: History and Philosophy; and 2) English were showcased to facilitate students’ course selection. Video sessions were also arranged to show documentaries or films to introduce to students some of the topics covered in these GE courses. The Library is honored to have continuously supported the programme of EDGE.