Cultural Fest@Library : East Asia - Japanese/Korean Art and Cultural Activities
(Co-organized with Division of Language Studies)



The Cultural Fest@Library is a new initiative of the Library to promote cultural understanding among students and to provide opportunities for students to enhance their whole person development. From mid-March to end-April 2004, a series of Japanese and Korean cultural activities were organized in collaboration with the Division of Language Studies.

Thanks to the helpful liaison from our academic colleagues of our Division of Language Studies, the Library received a generous donation of Japanese hanga (woodprints) from Mr Denkichi Omi, and Korean traditional costumes from the Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Hong Kong. An opening ceremony to mark the launch of the Cultural Fest@Library : East Asia, was officiated by the Consul General of the Republic of Korea in Hong Kong, Mr Kang Keun Taik and our President, Professor H K Chang on 29 March 2004.

Japanese hanga (woodprints)
Mr Omi is a famous woodprint artist born in Tokamachi, Niigata Prefeeture, Japan in 1955. Many of his works, such as "Scenery of Snow World" and "Woodprints from hometown", are inspired by the serenity and landscape of his hometown. Mr Omi has won top prizes in numerous competitions and exhibitions. Since 1989, he has held many exhibitions, performance and workshops in Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and Singapore. A ceremony acknowledging Mr Denkichi Omi's donation of Japanese hanga to the Library was held on 20 March 2004 in the Library.

Traditional Korean costumes
Three types of traditional Korean costumes worn by different classes, namely Nokweonsam, Hwal-ot and Tanryeong, were displayed in the Library until 30 April 2004. The Nokweonsam (Green Ceremonial Robes) were worn by queens and princess at minor ceremonies, and by high-ranking court ladies and women of nobility at major ceremonies. Hwal-ot (Bridal Tunic Robes), on the other hand, were worn in the Joseon Dynasty by princesses and daughters of high-ranking noblemen on their wedding ceremony whereas Tanryeong (Government Official's Robes) were worn by government officials on official occasions.

The Cultural Fest@Library: East Asia also features a Tae Kwon Do demonstration, and a book exhibition of the Library's monograph collection on Japanese and Korean arts. The donations of traditional Korean costumes, Japanese hanga (woodprints), enriched the Library's cultural treasure trove. A talk on Sino-Japanese culture conducted by the Consul (Public Relations/Cultural Affairs) of the Consulate General of Japan, Mr Morio Matsumoto was given on 22 April in the library as the finale of the event. The talk was very well received by both staff and students of the University.

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