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PRD/YRD Series – National Central Library Book Donation and Book Exhibition at Run Run Shaw Library, CityU


The Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta Collection (herein after, the PRD&YRD Collection) of the CityU Library is an information hub that provides comprehensive resources on the PRD, YRD and also other key areas of the greater China regions. It aims at serving users world-wide who are interested in the economic, commercial, legal and cultural development of China.

The National Central Library (NCL), Taiwan generously donated close to 300 volumes of economic and law books to the CityU Library. These timely Taiwanese publications should prove to be valuable additions to our PRD&YRD Collection. A ceremony was held on 31 May, 2010 to acknowledge the NCL donation. Officiating the ceremony were Prof. Min Ku 顧敏教授, Director General of the NCL and Prof. Steve Ching 景祥祜教授, University Librarian of CityU. Other guests attending included Mr. Luo Zhicheng 羅智成先生,Director of Kwang Hwa Information and Cultural Center; Dr. Grace Ling 凌友詩博士, Senior Researcher of the Hong Kong Central Policy Unit; Prof. Wang Guiguo 王貴國教授, Dean of the School of Law of CityU and Miss Ada Leung 梁穎怡女士,Associate Vice President of the Development Office, CityU.

Prof. Ku stated that there are lots of tourist activities between Hong Kong and Taiwan. However, academic and cultural interaction between the two places has yet to be developed and enhanced. To build closer links between Hong Kong and Taiwan, information exchange will definitely help. By increasing access to each other’s information, researchers should gain a better understanding of the other jurisdiction. Organizing regular book exhibition is one way of doing so. Prof. Ching said that the libraries in Taiwan and Hong Kong have a key role to play as they can provide an ideal communication platform to facilitate different forms of exchange, serving as an indispensable information bridge for connecting the people and the invaluable experiences of the two places.

The book donation ceremony was wrapped up with a live demonstration of a Taiwanese government database, the NCL Gazette Online. It is a collection of all the notices issued by the central and local Taiwan governments and they are good reference tool for locating official records. After the ceremony, guests and colleagues examined the donated titles on display in the room.