This quiz, adapted from a test developed by Alaistair Allan, tests your objective test taking skills. It contains vocabulary that you may not have seen before. However, it is still possible to answer the questions successfully by using skills and initiatives. Each question has four choices. Only ONE is correct for each question.

1. The doctor who discovered the cause of leprosy was Hansen. This horrifying disease which has ruined the lives of thousands of people is sometimes known as
Dr Joseph Lister's Disease
Schweitzer's Complaint
Dr Elizabeth Blackwell's Syndrome
Hansen's Disease

2. Mr Brown's dismissal caused the union's Grievance Committee to

3. Charles Dickens' book "Hard Times" is about
international finance in the modern world
life in the twentieth century
the adventures of a strong man
the difficult life of a factory worker

4. This connoisseur does not collect objects like these because they
are not precious
do not have much value
are nearly worthless
are quite common

5. The bark of the silver birch tree
is dark and smooth
is thick and rough
appears to shine in the sun
cannot be easily removed

6. Elizabeth Blackwell was
a doctor
a writer
a politician
a musician

7. Of all the board games, Caissa's is
the least difficult to play
the easiest to play
a game for those who do not like hard games
mentally challenging

8. He explained that "dormilona" referred to a
inner pain
undeveloped thought
sensitive plant
uneasy sleeper

9. Everyone agrees that he is a similitude of his father. This means
he looks like his father
he is influenced by his father
he obeys his father
he works for his father

10. There are many osteomancers but only one of them
solve our problem
help us to attain our ambition
explains what we want to know
cure our illness

11. Someone suffering from hemeralopia
seldom has trouble seeing in daylight
usually has trouble seeing in daylight
rarely has trouble seeing in daylight
infrequently has trouble seeing in daylight

12. A silver birch is a
valuable racehorse
rare type of dog

13. He is suffering from malacia so he
often desires spiced food
unceasingly desires spiced food
constantly desires spiced food
always desires spiced food

14. When you see a marinorama you are looking at a
small animal
part of the night sky
panoramic view of the sea
long building

15. The most common form of recreation in Erewhon is
computer games
outdoor games
electronic games
automated tv games

16. The Karamajong tribesmen were easily frightened by the soldiers because they were
not warlike

17. The Olympian did not win because she
did not train hard enough
misjudged her jump
jumped badly
did not jump properly

18. Caissa invented a

19. Malacia is a
spiteful person
kind of bamboo
town in Spain
human disorder

20. A writer who composes a cycle of legends is
a storyteller
a narrator
a cyclographer
an authority

21. The Karamajong tribesmen were
great story-tellers
threatened by soldiers
interested in the outside world

22. The boy who rescued his sister from drowning was

23. The student practised by auscultating an
wise, older person
radio programme
writing exercise
empty box

24. Sidney and Beatrice Webb wrote many epistles to each other so they were skilled in the art of
reading books

25. The book states that all cases of amphicrania
costs more than most people can afford
is worth investigating
has great importance
are to be taken seriously

26. The hunters chose that part of the forest because it
was rich in animal life
was legal to hunt there
sheltered many animals
contained a lot of potential prey

27. The use of a chemical agent to obtain a result usually obtained by surgery is referred to as
preventive surgery
heroic surgery
cosmetic surgery

28. The dispute between the two countries was settled by an
diplomatic intervention
peace treaty
elected commission
series of negotiations

29. The Boating Club is
in Tall Tree Road
at the end of West Avenue
at the corner of High Street and Broad Street
in Riverside Way

30. Hemeralopia is a
visual problem
low blood count
calorie deficiency
breathing difficulty

31. Sidney Webb's wife was called

32. The Saint Andrew Society headquarters are situated in
Liberty Plaza
Andrew Street
Independence Square
Capital Avenue

33. Amphicrania is clearly described in
a series of newspaper articles
a letter
a series of TV programmes
a book