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Ms. Julia HAN

B. Mus. Ewha Womans University, Korea; M. Ed., University of Alberta, Canada

Instructor I, Programme Coordinator – Korean Language Courses (LC)

Contact Information

Office: LI-2100
Phone:   (852) 3442 9552
Fax:   (852) 3442 0165
Email: ctjulia@cityu.edu.hk

Research Interests

  • Korean Language & Culture

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Julia has been teaching all levels of Korean language courses as well as a variety of Korean culture courses. Currently, she serves as a coordinator for all Korean language courses.

Julia believes that culture plays an important role in language learning. Over the years, she organized many academic/cultural workshops and lectures such as "Korea Week 07", "Korea Week 09" and "Korea Week 11" to bring Korean culture to City U campus.

From 2005 to 2007, she was involved in producing and co-hosting a Korean language radio programme "Let's go Korea I, II, III" with RTHK. In 2005, she won "City U Teaching Excellence Award (TEA) 2005/2006".

Apart from teaching at City U, Julia actively involved with Korean teaching at other tertiary institutions in Hong Kong. From 2012 to 2015, Julia served as an external examiner for Hong Kong College of Technology(HKCT) for their programmes such as "Higher Diploma in Corporate Communication and Language Studies (Korean)" and "Diploma for Tertiary Studies (Applied Korean Language and Culture)".

As Korean popular culture has grown so strongly in Hong Kong, Julia continues to incorporate up-to-date trends and social issues into her teaching materials to keep up with popular demands of City U students.


Korean language courses-- LC2973 Korean I, LC2974 Korean II, LC3982 Korean III, LC4406 Practical Korean Speaking…etc.

Non-language courses -- Introduction to Korean Society, Korean Culture, Understanding Korean Society through films, Contemporary Popular Culture of Korea



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  • Han & Kim (2006), Let’s go Korea II, Hong Kong: City University Press
  • Han & Kim (2005), Let’s go Korea I, Hong Kong: City University Press