Welcome Message from the IRSPM President

As president I would welcome you to the website of the 20th annual conference of the International Research Society for Public Administration (IRSPM). And I am really delighted to have our main conference in Hong Kong and Asia, a continent which has become so important the last 10 years. Asia has not only witnessed a huge economic development but also showed a remarkable increase in research on public management. So this seems the right moment to have our conference here and I hope that this conference will stimulate exchange of ideas and also joint research on the field of public management between Asian scholars and scholars from other parts of the world.

And the conference theme, Collaborative, Globalized and Interdisciplinary: Moving the Public Management Debate Forward, is certainly suitable to foster this exchange of research and joint research activities.

I hope to see you all in April 2016 in what is going to be another fascinating experience

Erik-Hans KLIJN
President IRSPM