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A. New Researchers

A101-New Researchers Panel

B. Public Servants: Motivation & Leadership

B102-Workplaces and Work Practices

B103-Public Service Performance in a Complex Environment


B105-Trust-based Management in the Public Sector

B106-Public Service Motivation

B107-The Behaviors and Motivation of Chinese Public Workforce in the Context of Deepening Reforms

C. Global & Local Governance

C101-Innovation in Local Government: A Cross-Cultural Analysis of Structural Contingency Frameworks

C102-Governance and Management of Government-Owned Enterprises, Corporate Forms and Agencies on Local, National and Regional Level

C103-Urban Governance: Local Leadership In City Regions

C104-Comparative Public Policy and Administration: An Asian Perspective in a Globalized and Collaborative World

C105-Special Interest Group In Local Governance

C106-Open Governance - Global and Local Perspectives

C107-The Practice of Collaborative Governance in Asia

C108-Digital Governance Innovations: Open Data, Big Data, and Smart Cities in Asia

C109-Dynamics of Policy Innovation in China

C110-City Governance Performance Improvement and Evaluation in the Context of Globalization

C111-Transparency and Open Government
C112-Special Interest Group on Innovation and Change in Public Services (SIGIPS)

D. Inter-sectoral & Inter-governmental Dynamics

D101-The Boundary Challenge: How Can We Understand the Practice of Working Across Boundaries if We Can't Do It Ourselves?

D102-Working with the Private Sector: Externalisation and Public Procurement

D103-Public-Private Partnerships: Global Experiences and Collaborative Practices

D104-Public, Private or Other: Public Infrastructure Asset Management

D105-Explaining Collaborative Service, Network Structure, and Clients' Outcomes of Public Services Providers

D106-Central-Local Dynamics in Africa and Asia Pacific: What Are The Way Forwards?

D107-Context, Behaviour and Evolution: New Perspectives on Public and Non-Profit Governance

D108-Fostering Government-Third Sector Collaboration in Public Service Delivery: Experiences in Greater China

D109-Civic Voice and Managerialistic Public Sectors - A New Global Tension Field?

D110-Environmental Governance in China Reconsidered: Regulatory Reform, Stakeholder Interactions, and Implementation Challenges

E. Research & Knowledge Utilization

E101-Special Interest Group: Connecting Public Management Researchers and Practitioners for Improved Outcomes

E103-Linking Confucian Value and Public Entrepreneurship: An Interdisciplinary Approach

E104-Negotiating the Overlap: Political and Managerial Roles in Contemporary Public Sector Organisations

E105-Behavioral and Experimental Public Administration: Probing the Microfoundations of Theory and Practice

E106-Managing Intellectual Capital for a New Deal in the Public Sector

E107-Creating Sustainable Public Services and Public Service Organisations: New Directions for Theory and Practice

E108-The Role of Public Administration in Transdisciplinary Research, Theory and Practice

E109-Expertise and Evidence in Public Policy

E110-Experiments, Replication and Knowledge in Public Management Research

F. Sectoral Challenges in Public Management

F101-(Primary) Health Care Reforms - Public Policy, Management and Accountability

F104-Panel on Teaching and Education in Public Management

F105-Emergency Services Management: The Case for Bridging the Theory-Practice Divide

F106-Healthcare Governance and Performance Management - Comparative Perspectives

F107-Wicked Problems in Public Policy - Theory and Practice

F108-Healthcare Management (promoted by the SIG-HCM)

G. Resources, Accountability, Technology and Financial Management

G101- Accounting and Accountability SIG Panel: Interdisciplinary Perspectives for Accounting and Performance Measurement in the Globalized Post-NPM World

G102-Policy Issues in Public Budgeting and Financial (Fiscal) Management: Managing Public Resources under Fiscal Distress

G104-Public Management in Times of Austerity


H101-PMRA-Sponsored Panel: Management and Organizational Performance

I. Open

I101-Open Panel