F. Sectoral Challenges in Public Management

SIG Healthcare Management
Panel Title (Primary) Health Care Reforms - Public Policy, Management and Accountability
Chairs Dr. Birgit Grüb, Johannes Kepler University Linz,
Dr. Sebastian Martin, University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria,
Dr. Christopher Klinger, University of Ottawa,
Panel Description Changing demographics and responsibilities among the public, private and not-for-profit sectors alongside financial constraints require governments to be strategic in their approach to health care and to ensure greater accountability toward overall system performance and transparency with regard to public reporting. Resulting (primary) care reforms are targeting health care service delivery with the overall goal to improve the quality and coordination of services and to slow the growth of spending.

Approaches thus as the patient-centered medical home or the accountable health care organization are set to provide a strong primary care foundation and to align incentives and accountability for providers across the continuum of care. Within complex health care systems, incentives to work collectively and to optimize health outcomes are difficult, though – posing questions of leverage, management and accountability, both with regard to system performance and transparency in public reporting. Furthermore, the health-related interests of the population need to be protected and met.

In line with the theme of the conference and showcasing IRSPM’s Special Interest Group on Healthcare Management (SIG HM), this panel will highlight public policy, management and accountability issues in (primary) health care reforms, explore the evolving intersections from an interdisciplinary perspective and attempt to offer potential solutions such as performance metrics and outcome-oriented remuneration/incentive schemes.

Geared toward a broad audience base, the panel will encourage scholarly discourse, the showcasing of service delivery models/management approaches and the collaborative generation of solutions.

Proposals toward case studies, service delivery models or other empirical work on (primary) health care reform in the local, regional, national and international context are welcomed. What are the roles of public policy, governance and public reporting? How can performance be effectively measured and transparently reported/remunerated? Performance indicators – the good, the bad and the ugly. What are innovative approaches to ‘move the public management debate forward?’