Undergraduate & Postgraduate Internships

LaMP works with a range of organizations in Hong Kong to provide undergraduate and postgraduate students with internships. Internships are focused on experimental research designs on questions of sustainable development (e.g., recycling) and healthy environments (e.g., point of decisions over the use of stairs and lifts). Through developing experimental interventions and implementing them in the field, students are involved in the generation of valid and robust policy evidence for Hong Kong that has applicability to businesses, social groups and communities. Students also have opportunities to disseminate their work in media and interact with key actors in Hong Kong’s public policy scene. To date, LaMP has co-organized 4 internships with the Designing Hong Kong , Business and Environment Council (BEC), the Link REIT , Campus Development and Facilities Office (CDFO) and Students Residence Office (SRO) of City University of Hong Kong.