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Ultra-elastic Chemical Complex Alloys with Extraordinary Elinvar Effect
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Elinvar is an alloy usually composited of nickel-iron-chromium having nearly invariable modulus of elasticity regardless to the change of ambient temperature. There are tremendous applications of super elastic Elinvar alloys today in various industry and engineering, such as aerospace, medical device, high precision instrument and military. Unfortunately, the fabrication process of super elastic alloys is not convenient. Owing to crystalline defects and plastic deformation, the elastic strain of conventional crystalline alloys usually is limited at about 0.2%.


The present technology relates to a series of the high-entropy alloys of (CoNi)100-x(TiZrHf)x where 45<x<55 and its fabrication method that exhibits Elinvar effect over a wide range of ambient temperature. The elastic strain of the novel alloys performs nearly constant value, limited at about 2% that is around an order of magnitude higher than that of conventional crystalline alloys, in the temperature range from 300k to 900k. 


  • Large elastic strain limit and without limitation in dimension scale;
  • High efficiency of energy storage with very small internal friction;
  • Strong Elinvar effect with wide range of ambient temperature;
  • Good fluidity and easy for fabrication.


  • Chronometers;
  • Precision Device & Calibration Instrument;
  • Aerospace & Military;
  • Application at harsh ambient condition.
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Ultra-elastic Chemical Complex Alloys with Extraordinary Elinvar Effect


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