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Dielectric Resonator Antennas (DRAs)
Principal Investigtor
LEUNG Kwok Wa, 梁國華 Department of Electronic Engineering

Patent/Filing No.
Issued/Filing Date
USA US8,547,287 Light Transmissable Reasonators for Circuit and Antenna Applications 2013-10-01 Granted
The Mainland of China ZL201010569660.3 用于電路及天綫應用的光可發射諧振器 2014-10-01 Granted
USA US9,123,995 Aesthetic Dielectric Antenna and Method of Discretely Emitting Radiation Pattern Using Same 2015-09-01 Granted
The Mainland of China ZL201310069517.1 美學介質天綫和使用此天綫離散地發射輻射方向圖的方法 2016-07-06 Granted
USA US8,988,297 Light Transmissable Reasonators for Circuit and Antenna Applications 2015-03-24 Granted

Stage of Technology Transfer: Commercially viable
Research Area: Electronics and Telecom > Wireless Communication
The dielectric resonator antenna (DRA) has received increasing attention in recent years. It has a number of advantages including its small size, light weight, low cost, ease of excitation, and relative wide bandwidth as compared with the patch antenna. Also, it is a volume device that offers the designer more degrees of freedom than the 2D-type antenna (e.g.microstrip antenna) or 1D-type antenna (e.g.monopole antenna).

Apart from its applications in the RF and microwave bands, the DRA is also very suitable for millimeter-wave applications because it does not have any metal portion. Its efficiency is very high even in the millimeter-wave band.

Uniqueness and Competitive Advantage
Generic features
• small size and low loss
• flexible in shape
Transparent DRA
• fabricated with crystal or K9 glass
• elegant antenna providing decoration function
• can be simultaneously used as a lamp cover
• integration with solar cell (green antenna)
• potential integration with optical system

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Senior Technology Transfer Officer
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