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Centre for Judicial Education and Research

Closing Ceremony of the 9th Advanced Programme for Chinese Senior Judges

12 Jun 2014
--Polly Kwok


"The 9th Advanced Programme of Chinese Senior Judges" organized by School of Law and Centre for Judicial Education and Research, City University of Hong Kong was completed successfully on June 6. The Closing Ceremony was held at the Connie Fan Multi-media Conference Room in City University of Hong Kong on the same day. Officiating guests included Professor Way KUO, President and University Distinguished Professor, City University of Hong Kong; Dr LI Guangxiang, Deputy Director-General, Department of Law, Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in the HKSAR; Mr JI Jianjun, Deputy Director-General, Department of Educational, Scientific and Technological Affairs, Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in the HKSAR; Mr Ambrose LAM S K, President, The Law Society of Hong Kong; Mr Andrew MAK, Council Member of Hong Kong Bar Association & Chairman of Special Committee on Greater China Affairs, Hong Kong Bar Association; Mr George TAM Siu Ping, Member of International Advisory Board of School of Law, City University of Hong Kong & Assistant Supervisor, Wah Yan College; Professor LIN Feng, Acting Dean, School of Law, City University of Hong Kong; Professor WANG Guiguo, Director of Centre for Judicial Education and Research & Chair Professor of Chinese and Comparative Law, School of Law, City University of Hong Kong.

In his welcoming remarks, Professor Wang Guiguo expressed his hope that the programme will contribute to the judicial reform in Mainland China, which cannot be accomplished by a person or an organization alone. For this he expressed gratitude to CityU, the Central Government of China, and the Hong Kong community for their ongoing support and recognition. He hoped the programme will be further improved in the future. In addition, he invited the classmates to come back to CityU whenever they have time. CityU always welcomes them!
Professor Way Kuo welcomed all of the judges on behalf of CityU. On the surface the judges are here to study, but in fact we also learn from them by exchanging ideas. The judges brought their ideas to the teachers and the teachers brought knowledge to them. He was very pleased with the three Chinese Judges programmes (Doctoral degree, Master degree, and the Advanced Programme) which started six years ago. Although the advanced programme lasts for two weeks only, the participating judges are the alumni of CityU. He hoped all of us can work together.

Mr Ambrose Lam pointed out that globalization has brought significant changes to the legal
profession, whether to practitioners providing legal services to customers, persons making
adjudication in courts, and the legal educators cultivating future lawyers. They must understand the far-reaching effects of globalization to ensure they progress with the times in terms of the foundation and knowledge of the law, so that they can provide solutions to cross-border legal problems. It is very encouraging that CityU is willing to devote resources to the advanced programme in the past few years. The advanced programme provided an opportunity for legal practitioners between Hong Kong and Mainland China to exchange on their knowledge and experience. The Law Society of Hong Kong hoped these channels will continue to expand.

Mr Andrew Mak expressed his hope that the judges can have a glimpse of the operation of Hong Kong lawyers during their stay in Hong Kong. He hoped the judges could promote this mode to the Mainland China, especially concepts related to common law. It would be most desirable if these concepts can be integrated into the rule of law in the country. Finally, he wished the judges to make significant contributions to rule of law in China in the future.
Judge Xie Baohong, Director of the Office of Higher People’s Court of Chongqing Province and representative of the 9th Advanced Programme for Chinese Senior Judges, said that he was honored to be able to participate in the advanced programme. He expressed heartfelt thanks to CityU for arranging this trips, allowing them to have a macroscopic view of Hong Kong legal system and operation in a short time. He would also like to thank the professors whose teaching enables them to have a more in-depth understanding in Hong Kong’s Basic Law and legal reform. He is also thankful for the meticulous arrangements of the University. Finally, he was proud of becoming an alumnus of CityU.
In his vote of thanks, Professor Lin Feng expressed that the advanced programme really relies on the generous support of a number of organizations. They have been providing tremendous support to various courses of the school and showed great hospitality by receiving the judges and warm conversations. He expressed heartfelt gratitude to these organizations. Finally, he wished the judges to continue to enforce the rule of law. He also hoped the Hong Kong experience can leave good memories for everyone.