by Noel Laam

CityU Burgundy
On the sunny afternoon of 29 July 2021, the Special Interest Group for High-Performance Computing (SIGHPC) of the Joint Universities Computer Centre (JUCC) met at the City University of Hong Kong and visited CityU’s newly installed High-Performance Computing (HPC) facility, the CityU Burgundy. The ...

by Michael Gibb

CityU pioneers most powerful computational platform among local higher institutions
A new state-of-the-art High-Performance Computing (HPC) facility offering the most powerful computational platform ever assembled for a higher institution in Hong Kong has been launched at City University of Hong Kong (CityU). This HK$20 million facility named “CityU Burgundy” will dramatically ...

Innovative CityU-Learning system tackles coronavirus challenge
City University of Hong Kong (CityU) has taken the lead in introducing the CityU-Learning system (video clip: Anti-epidemic and CityU-Learning 我們一起防疫一起學習) in view of the serious challenges posed by the coronavirus epidemic. Resources were pulled together rapidly to roll out this online learning ...

by Michael Gibb

CityU Scholars was launched on 30 June to promote the achievements of faculty members, facilitate reporting information to the government, enhance the efficiency of internal reporting, and eliminate duplication.

by Cathy Lau

A delegation from the Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia learned about the Paperless Office Project implemented at CityU during a visit on 3 December.

by Michael Gibb

CityU’s anti-hacking platform has won international recognition from a leading IT security magazine.

by Joan Yip / Yvonne Lee

An innovative Paperless Office Project launched by CityU has helped the University save millions of pages of paper each year and win two highly respected IT awards.

by Eliza Lee

CityU was conferred two Gold Awards at the first Web Accessibility Recognition Scheme Awards Presentation Ceremony on 15 April in recognition of its effort to undertake social responsibilities to make websites more friendly for all users.

by Mirror Fung

CityU’s CIO has received the Computerworld Premier 100 IT Leaders award for initiating innovative development in information technology at the University.

by Christina Wu

A number of strategic measures have been prepared at CityU for the double cohort of first-year students beginning their undergraduate studies this semester.