December 2018

by Andes Cheung

Diagram excerpted from Nutanix HCI solution
Introduction CityU currently maintains its own datacenters to provide an IT infrastructure supporting diverse services for teaching, research, administrative, and management use. Dated back a few decades ago, we have adopted a three-tier architecture consisting of compute, storage and networking ...

October 2018

by Alex Lam

Trust setup in HKAF
It is very common nowadays for students and staff to access research data, journals and courses online offered by other education institutions or companies over the Internet. The access usually requires users to sign up and create different user accounts. This article will detail how the Computing ...

by Cyril Ha

High Level Network Diagram with Admin Firewall added
Background​ Information System Security has been a key concern over the past many years as more and more business processes rely on Information Technology to operate. Alike many other organizations, the usual first line of defense would be Internet protection with security devices such as a ...

June 2018

by S K Tsui

What is IoT? The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to billions of network devices, sensors and actuators around the world capable of gathering data (e.g. temperature, location, etc.) from the environment and sharing the data across the Internet. The data collected will then be analyzed, processed and ...