December 2007

by C Y Kwok

Staff members and students may or may not be aware that the University’s data network is currently undergoing a major upgrade process. The upgrade consists of two phases. The first phase was actually started early this year and it has almost come to completion. The second phase will take place near ...

June 2007

With the deployment of the new Aruba Wireless LAN (WLAN) System and installation of new access points in the past two years, we have over 600 access points supporting IEEE802.11a, b and g standards scattered around the main campus, Festival Walk Office and the Student Residence. The main campus is ...

March 2007

by C. Y. Kwok

The term Wi-Fi is now commonly used to describe the underlying technology of wireless local area network (WLAN) based on the IEEE 802.11 specifications. Wi-Fi hotspots are venues (often public locations) that offer broadband Internet access using the WLAN technology. In Hong Kong, most hotspots for ...