September 2007

by Joe Lee

In accordance with our initial deployment plan (Ref.: Network Computing Issue 51 - March 2007), we have added the Windows Vista to more than 1,000 desktop computers which are located in the CSC Teaching Studios, Library’s Information Space, Lecture Theatres and Classrooms before Semester A commences ...

June 2007

by Kevin Chan

Microsoft Office 2007 was released early this year. This latest version of Office is designed to work with the new Windows Vista but is also compatible with Windows XP. It offers many new features and functionality that will be beneficial to users. However, the two main challenges with upgrading to ...

March 2007

by Kevin Chan, Joe Lee

Windows Flip 3D
On 29 January 2007, Microsoft launched Windows Vista, the latest major version of their operating system for PCs since the launch of Windows XP five years ago. A team of IT professionals from the Computing Services Centre (CSC) have been engaged to evaluate Vista and determine when and how it should ...