December 2016

by Joe Chow

​ As mentioned in the previous article (item 3 in Ref: Network Computing Issue 85 - September 2015), the first phase of desktop virtualization using Citrix Provisioning Service (PVS) had been implemented in selected teaching venues (a few lecture theatres, classrooms and CSC teaching studios) for ...

by Written by Dr. Crusher Wong (CIO), edited by Angel Lu (CIO)

​ Massive Open Online Course, MOOC in short, has brought about a revolutionary change to how education can be delivered to learners worldwide. By definition, MOOC is a course with purposes to serve a massive number of distant learners simultaneously via online platforms. It brings a host of ...

June 2016

by by Annie Yu

IT Course
As mentioned in the March issue, the Computing Services Centre (CSC) will make Windows 10 available on CSC-managed computers for teaching and learning starting Semester A 2016-17. In the meantime, the Central IT is testing Windows 10 compatibility with all in-house developed central applications ...