April 2011

by Crusher Wong

The practice of mobile learning has taken off in the beginning of this century when connection to wireless network, from a notebook computer or Personal Digital Assistant (PDA), becomes practical in various locations. The introduction of 3G mobile networks and a new generation of smart phones, such ...

by Crusher Wong

CityU Mobile v2
In 2008, two undergraduate students at Stanford University, Kayvon Beykpour and Aaron Wasserman, created a collection of iPhone apps that provided campus and course information of the university. With the support of Stanford’s Registrar, administrative features like add/drop courses and grade review ...

January 2011

by Andy Chun

With curriculum changes to support the 3-3-4 academic reform, the University has a rare opportunity to rethink and redesign how we provide and deliver education to our students to create a rewarding and unique CityU learning experience. The University has instigated a new “Discover & Innovate @ ...