December 2003

by Joe Chow

Network security is of great importance when information exchange is concerned. For public machines like the Express Terminals that are easily reached by outsiders, system logon is a must to safeguard the users, and that was why it was introduced several years ago. However, it seems that this ...

September 2003

by Raymond Poon

Quite a number of University PCs were infected by the recent outbreaks of the viruses/worms, viz. MS Blaster, W32/Welchia (or W32/Nachi) and Sobig-F. The University not only acquires sufficient licenses for the Windows, MS-Office, and McAfee anti-virus software but also frequently promotes user ...

March 2003

by Noel Laam

The proliferation of virus is a common headache to the computer as well as Internet users, causing billions of dollars lost each year. As viruses nowadays turn trickier, there is no single cure to stop it from spreading feverishly. However, this does not mean there is nothing that we can do to ...