Improvements of Facilities for Students with Special Education Needs (SEN)

by Joe Lee
CityU values the diversity of its students and is committed to providing a learning environment that is conducive to the success of all its students, including those with Special Educational Needs (SEN), in their academic pursues and personal developments. In supporting the IT needs for SEN, the Computing Services Centre (CSC) has, for many years, equipped and improved special facilities and more are added recently.
Height-adjustable Carts for Printing Service
A pilot run of two height-adjustable carts have been installed to allow wheelchair users to access the Release Station of fast printers nearby and get their jobs printed easily. One of these carts is located at the corridor near the main entrance of the CSC on 4/F AC2 and the other one is inside the open access area of the CSC on 5/F AC2. Based on the testing results, the CSC may install more carts in the future.
Electrical Height-adjustable Computer Desks
The CSC has already installed manually controlled height-adjustable computer desks in all the CSC-managed teaching studios for some time. According to past experience, there may be more than one wheelchair user attending the same class. To fulfil such needs, the CSC has installed an additional electrical height-adjustable computer desk to each teaching studio.

Height Adjustment of Service Counter
The height of the original Service Counter was inconvenient for wheelchair users to seek assistance. A portion of the service counter has been lowered to meet the needs of wheelchair users.
Configuration of Windows environment for Visually Impaired Students
Visually impaired students may need to work in special Windows environment so that they can use the computers comfortably. For example, the visual display, mouse, keyboard and so on can be made easier to use.  To avoid the tedious and repetitive configuration procedure, we can pre-set the required Windows environment for them so that when they login the Student LAN, they are ready to work in the preferred Windows environment. Students with such needs may send requests to the CSC through their departments or contact the SEN Officer of Student Development Services (SDS).
For details and the locations of computing facilitates for SEN, please see