A Review on the Student Computer Literacy Programme

by Yeung Man

During the last academic year 2009-2010, the Student Computer Literacy Programme (SCLP) (organized by the Computing Services Centre (CSC)) has arranged 36 training classes for 7 different courses. 1350 applications from students were accepted.

The course evaluations on students who have attended the training classes were all positive:-

- 97% of students showed interest in the courses
- 94% of students considered the quality of course materials was either good or excellent
- 93% of students found that the courses were useful
- 91% of students concluded their overall impressions were from good to excellent

In order to further understand the needs of students in computer training, the CSC has conducted a survey in March to collect suggestions and comments on SCLP from all University staff and students. 225 responses have been collected and the following is the highlight of the survey results:

  • The most suitable length for a course session should be 2 or 3 hours
  • Training classes are preferred to be held on Saturdays and weekdays’ evenings
  • Top 10 courses chosen by students were
    • Microsoft Excel 2010 - Advanced
    • Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 - Advanced
    • Microsoft Word 2010 - Advanced
    • How to solve common PC problems and secure your computer
    • Microsoft Access 2010 - Advanced
    • Google Apps
    • Adobe Flash - Introduction
    • Introduction to Windows 7
    • Adobe Flash - Advanced
  • Many students showed interest in learning Adobe Photoshop
  • SCLP courses were of good quality and instructors were very professional
  • Provide training classes in English for students who were non-Chinese speaking
  • Provide courses and exercises online.

In response to the survey results, the CSC has planned the followings in the coming SCLP 2010-2011:

  • Most course sessions would be designed with a 3-hour duration while keeping those quick courses in 2 hours.
  • The training classes would be arranged on weekdays’ evenings and on Saturdays (both morning and afternoon)
  • Introductory and Advanced courses on Microsoft Office 2010; courses about computer security, Windows 7, Google Apps and MS Live would continue to be offered
  • New training courses on Flash, Photoshop and Chinese Input Method (Chang Jie) will be organized
  • If possible, allow some classes of the same course to be conducted in English and some in Cantonese for students to choose from

The CSC is now re-building its SCLP website in order to serve the needs of students in computer training. With these adjustments, we firmly believe that more students would benefit from the SCLP in the coming year.