Campus-wide Support of Windows Vista Enterprise

by Joe Lee

After Microsoft had officially announced Windows Vista on 29 January 2007, the Computing Services Centre (CSC) formed a task group to study the features of this major version of Microsoft’s operating system and to work out a schedule for its deployment in the CityU. The initial plan was to launch the Windows Vista with the latest central software installed as one of the multi-boot environment in the CSC Teaching Studios, Library’s Information Space, Lecture Theatres and Classrooms for teaching and learning in Semester A, 2007-08. This had been completed according to schedule with over 1000 units of desktop computers being upgraded and the new operating environment was well received by students. For details, please read the article “Windows Vista at CityU“ in Network Computing, Issue 51 - March 2007 and article “Windows Vista at CityU – An Update” in Network Computing, Issue 53 – September 2007.

When Windows Vista Service Pack 1 was formally released in the first quarter of 2008, the task group started to formulate a proper working environment for staff. This version was not deployed until various service units had completely sorted out the compatibility issues of their in-house developed applications running in this new environment. Starting from June 2008, a finalized configuration of Windows Vista for Staff LAN was installed as the default desktop operating system on new computers for administrative departments in the hardware replacement project. This project was completed in November 2008.

Following the successful installation of around 1,000 new Windows Vista PCs in administrative departments and no compatibility issue was found , the CSC is pleased to announce the campus-wide support of the Windows Vista operating environment with immediate effect. The CSC is now accepting requests from departments for joining existing Windows Vista PCs and newly purchased Windows Vista PCs to the staff LAN.

The software menu of the Staff LAN under the Windows Vista environment now provides users with a new standard set of centrally-funded software (such as Office Professional 2007 and anti-virus software) and of the basic utilities (such as department print queues and shared network drives). Please note that Office Professional 2007 with its Outlook 2007 have become the University’s new standard office tool and email client respectively under the Windows Vista. Other than Microsoft Office, departments may request to add Windows Vista-compatible software to the Staff LAN menu through submitting an online CSC Work Request.

The CSC will continue to support Windows XP until Microsoft formally ceases its support in the future. Therefore, current XP users or users running on existing computers can choose to stay with Windows XP.

However, if users choose to upgrade to Windows Vista, it is their responsibility to take care of the migration of their personal applications and data. In any case, fresh installation of Windows Vista is always recommended as upgrading to a new operating system from its previous version may cause instability or even unpredictable outcome. Due to limited manpower, the CSC will not take up the foregoing migration work. Any department which needs migration service of data and personal application software can contact the CSC for an outsourcing arrangement.

The CSC has prepared some quick start guidelines for new users of Windows Vista to get familiar with the environment. For details, please visit