Always Remember to Back up Your Files

by Noel Laam

In the world of computers, data loss can happen in many unpredictable ways, such as sudden physical failure of the storage media, unknown virus attacks even with anti-virus software installed, application software bugs and performance problems, human errors and many more. While there might be possibilities, though quite uncertain, for recovering data after a disaster, it is far easier to restore the files from backup than, say, to find the data on a crashed hard drive. Nevertheless, based on past experience, some users blindly place too much trust in technology while some still believe the luck is always on their side and harbour the notion that “it will never happen to me”. They sometimes forget how disastrous their data loss can be until they find out their valuable data are lost forever. Therefore, the only way to minimize the risk of suffering such loss is to regularly back up your files. It can save you a lot of hassle afterwards and you should realize that, due to various reasons such as privacy and security, the responsibility to back up your files rests on you because nobody knows the data better than you do. Therefore, you should form the habit of regularly backing up your files in order to keep the possible loss to a minimum.

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