High Impact on the Demand for CSC Student Services as a Result of Increase in Student Number

by Noel Laam

In order to cope with the surging increase of student intake in September 2004, the Computing Services Centre (CSC) has adjusted the provision of student services and below is a brief outline of it.

The CSC teaching studios and terminal rooms are all made available to the University for central timetabling purpose before the start of semester so that the University can take the reins of scheduling classes under an extremely tight classroom situation. As the last class ends one hour later at 10:20 p.m., the Service Counter, the Help Desk as well as the Maintenance Workshop of the CSC have all extended their service hours in order to provide timely services when required. Besides, more student helpers have been added to the Service Counter to cater for the increasing enquiries from students on campus and at home.

As far as email service is concerned, the email system storage was expanded as a result of the increase in student email quota (from 10MB to 50MB) and in number of accounts. Regarding laser printing service, additional laser printers were placed in teaching studios and terminal rooms, and express laserjet printers are located near the Service Counter to alleviate the ad-hoc printing needs of students.

The growth in student number means bigger classes, and there are already plans to renovate different teaching studios to accommodate the imminent demand for additional seating capacity.

The CSC will continue to adjust our student services to meet the growing challenges posed by the rise in student intake, and the changes in service requirements. You are welcome to send in your comments to help us improve our services.