CSC News Clip

by Noel Laam

A Big Leap in Email Quotas

As email now becomes an indispensable tool for communication, and with different forms of multi-media documents regularly being exchanged via email, providing sufficient disk quota to accommodate the email and its associated documents is as important as providing unfailing and speedy delivery of email.

After reviewing users' needs, current provision, storage resource, backup time, and manpower, the email quotas for staff and students were increased to 200MB and 50MB respectively from 23 September 2004. All users are reminded to make good use of the increased quota by properly managing the Email messages, backing up important messages and deleting unwanted ones. For more details, please visit the Email home page

Generous Print Quota for Students

After carefully reviewing the usage statistics, despite the scarce resources available, a print quota system for students was implemented. Starting from Semester A 2004, all regular full-time and part-time CityU students are entitled to a print quota of 400 pages every half year. The print quota will be reset on 1 January and 1 July of each year and any unused print quota will not be carried forward. Students are allowed to extend their print quota twice within each half year at 200 pages/time for free. Other students (e.g. visiting students who take only a few courses on semester basis) will be allocated 100 pages every half year and no extension on their print quota will be allowed. If all the quota is used up within the half year and more quota is needed, a minimum quota of 20 pages at HK$1/page will be added each time and any unused quota will not be refunded.

The print quota provided for our students is the most generous among all local universities, and we hope that they will make good use of the valuable resource for their studies.

Dial-up Service Reduced

Since the population of broadband users in the CityU has been fast growing, it was decided that the modem pool size of the dial-up service was reduced from 620 to 300 lines in order to wisely use the limited resources.