Re-arrangement of Existing Modem Pool

by Raymond Poon

Effective from 1 July 2003, the size of the existing modem pool will be reduced and re-arranged as follows:

  1. Student-only Pool, 2-hour limit (440 lines), hunt group number: 24704400.
  2. Student and Staff Pool, 2-hour limit (80 lines), hunt group number: 24704402.
  3. Student-only Express Pool, 30 minutes limit (100 lines), hunt group number: 24704401.

All modem pools are allowed to access the Internet.

"Student-only Pool" and "Student and Staff Pool" are accessible to all students using a single hunt group number while "Student-only Express Pool" is accessible by a separate hunt group number. The hunt group number of "Student and Staff Pool" is primarily for staff use as students can indirectly access this pool through the hunt group number of "Student-only Pool".

Unless the budget situation can be improved, it is anticipated that the size of modem pool will be further reduced year after year until the budget no longer allows. We urge CityU staff, if possible, to switch to broadband so that more lines can be made available for student use.