IT@CityU - a Showcase of Our IT Strength

by Noel Laam

Information Technology (IT) is a renowned strength of the City University of Hong Kong ever since its foundation. The development of IT in the CityU keeps pace with the evolvement of the University, and now IT simply becomes an integral part of the campus life. Since the IT facilities/projects/personnel are scattered in various departments, it’s time to sort them out and present them in a tidier manner. The IT@CityU Web page is designed as the first attempt to provide a total, comprehensive and handy display of CityU’s IT strength on a university-wide scale. This Web page covers all academic, administrative and research areas and the information is categorised according to users’ requirements, lifting all the departmental boundaries.

Initially the IT@CityU Web page comprises 8 large categories, viz. Forums, Projects in Progress, Education & Training, Research & Consultancy, Facilities & Services, Newsletter & Technical Info, Policies, References & Procedures, and People & Organization. It can be further modified and refined depending upon the needs and development of the University. The core contents of this preliminary version of the IT@CityU are consolidated and integrated from the existing materials found in various departmental home pages, and certainly there is still much room for improvement. This Web page is maintained by the Computing Services Centre, and is expected to be regularly updated with substantive inputs from all participating departments. The success of this IT@CityU Web site depends chiefly on the co-operation and collaboration of the whole University, and therefore any comments on and contributions to this Web page are very welcome (

The establishment of the IT@CityU Web page well demonstrates the unfailing importance the University always attaches to IT, which is undoubtedly one of the cornerstones that set the aspiring path for the University.