Big Bargain on PC & Notebook Deals at the University Computer Shop

by Raymond Poon

The University Computer Shop has just signed with the IBM to become its dealer. The Shop currently holds dealerships with the IBM, DELL, and SUN and offers very attractive prices on wide ranges of their products including desktops and notebooks. However, if you are looking for specially tailored machines or cost-effective desktops, you definitely should consider our CTC Computers, a home-made computer which is guaranteed to be value for money.

Now here come the questions: Should I choose a desktop or a notebook? Should I use wired connection or wireless LAN connection?

While notebook computers are more expensive, less expandable, and normally their performances are lagging behind when compared to the desktop models, they are light-weight, space-saving, and can be used at home, at work, and during travel. As the prices for notebooks have gone down substantially and with the extra funding from the University, departments can seriously consider buying some notebooks if they want to reap the benefits provided by the latter.

As far as the bandwidth is concerned, the wired connection at fixed location normally offers much higher bandwidth but at the expense of flexibility as compared to the wireless connection. As more and more wireless Access Points are being provided around the campus, staff’s notebooks equipped with a wireless LAN card can be brought along to roam around departments, Lecture Theatres, classrooms, and other public areas. One more point to mention is that wireless LAN for home use is now becoming cheaper and more affordable. Therefore, departments may well consider installing more APs inside their offices to create a wireless environment, which definitely is what the world is going after.