CityTouch - Do You Know What It Is?

by Angela Tang

CityTouch is

a new multi-option item on Intranet Home Page
a collection of on-campus and off-campus news Web sites which provide a common starting point to know what is going on in our University, Hong Kong and the world
a Web page where you can read newspapers, listen to current radio news and watch real-time Cable News Channels simply by pointing and clicking.



For instance, Campus News brings you all kinds of University Messages including Announcements, Events, Press Clippings, etc. Newsletter contains links to University publication such as University Bulletin and Linkage as well as links to newsletters of various departments. Radio directs you to the News Update of Radio Hong Kong where you can listen to the most up-to-date news. TV tunes your PC to CNN, BBC World, Cable News or channels alike and you can watch those news programs with your desktop networked PC.

All sounds attractive? However, to enable your PC to “speak” and play the AV signals, you need to equip your PC with the followings:

  • a sound card
  • a pair of speakers
  • RealPlayer program (automatically installed with Netscape 4.5 for departmental networked PCs)
  • Windows Media Player (automatically installed the first time you use TV).



In addition, reading Chinese newspapers under English Windows 95/98 requires the running of a Chinese Enabling System like RichWin, TwinBridge or UnionWay.

Let’s go and try it out! For any problems encountered, please do not hesitate to contact our Help Desk at ext. 7658.