CityU Burgundy Pilot Phase
For Staff
18 Sep 2020

In an effort to foster and enhance research capabilities as well as to strengthen CityU’s research competitiveness, a new state-of-the-art High Performance Computing (HPC) facility, named “CityU Burgundy”, has been launched.  Before putting it in production for extensive use, the facility must first be thoroughly tested.  In this regard, 20 researchers were invited to participate in the pilot phase.  At the beginning of the pilot phase, the following system configurations will be available:

The HPC team will keep monitoring the stability and usage of the system, and gradually release more resources.
Detailed instructions along with the login credentials have been sent to the pilot users. The HPC team will work closely with the users to sort out any issues that may arise during the pilot phase.  Should you require immediate access to the older HPC resources (acquired in 2018), please write to with your name, department, EID, and a brief project description.