Student Visa / Entry Permit

Anyone who wants to study at City University of Hong Kong, and does not have the right of abode or the right to land in Hong Kong, must obtain a student visa or entry permit from the Hong Kong Immigration Department.

A local sponsor is required for a student visa or entry permit application. The local sponsor can be a Hong Kong resident who is at least 18 years old or the University.

The University will usually act as a student's local sponsor if an applicant is accepted by the University to do one of the following:

  • Take up full-time studies for an undergraduate degree or at the postgraduate level
  • Study full-time at the undergraduate or postgraduate level for not more than one year as an exchange student
  • Study full-time at the undergraduate or postgraduate level on a short-term basis for a total of not more than 180 days within any 12-month period (excluding studies at the School of Continuing and Professional Education)
  • Take up part-time studies in taught postgraduate programmes

Further details can be obtained from the Hong Kong Immigration Department.

Additional information you need to know

How to Apply for a Student Visa or Entry Permit through the University

Students who wish to seek visa sponsorship from the University should complete and submit the Request for Visa Sponsorship & Student's Agreement via the following link specific to your programme –

Admission Route /
Student Type

Submit the Request for Visa Sponsorship via the link specific to your programme

Undergraduate Programmes
(For students admitted through the PRC National University Entrance Examination


Undergraduate Programmes


Note: please log in your Admission Application account and submit the request.

Taught Postgraduate Programmes

Research Degree Programmes

Professional Doctorate Programmes

Inbound Student Exchange Programmes


Note: Please complete your inbound exchange student application before proceeding on to filling in the student visa sponsorship request.

You may login using the same login information that you registered for in the inbound exchange student application.

Visiting / Visiting Research Students

After submitting the request, students should provide the required documents (see the information in the sections “Send Original Documents” and “Send Photocopies Only” below) to the Global Engagement Office (GEO). As the visa/entry permit application processing may take 8 weeks or even longer, please file your application early.

Mailing address
Global Engagement Office
Room 3210, 3/F, Cheng Yick-chi Building
City University of Hong Kong
Tat Chee Avenue
Hong Kong SAR

*When submitting your documents, please refrain from stapling the documents. You may use paper clips or binder clips to hold the documents together.

Original Documents Required
  • Hong Kong Immigration Department Application Form ID995A (sample attached) for Entry for Study in Hong Kong with all relevant parts completed and signed by the student applicant. Please read the Guidebook for Entry for Study in Hong Kong carefully before filling in the application form;
  • The applicant’s recent photo (to be affixed to page 2 of Form ID995A);
  • If you are under the age of 18, enclose a Letter of Consent completed and signed by your parent to authorise a relative, friend or the visa sponsor in Hong Kong to be your guardian. The responsibility of this guardian is non-parental but a contact person in Hong Kong to facilitate the communications between the Hong Kong Immigration Department and the parent;
  • A printed acknowledgement of the Request for Student Visa/Entry Permit Sponsorship; and
  • If you are financially sponsored by someone else, provide a Declaration by Financial Sponsor completed and signed by your financial sponsor. The Declaration should state the sponsor's relationship with you (student applicant) and that he/she agrees to underwrite your study and living expenses in Hong Kong.
Photocopies Required
  • A photocopy of your travel document containing personal particulars, date of issue, date of expiry and details of any re-entry visa held (if applicable);
  • A photocopy of the letter of admission issued by the University (bring the original letter with you as you may be asked to produce the letter for immigration inspection when entering Hong Kong);
  • A photocopy of your acknowledgement of accepting the University’s admission offer which can be printed out from your online application account (inapplicable to exchange students);
  • If you are under the age of 18, enclose a photocopy of a proof of your accommodation arrangement in Hong Kong. If you are eligible* and have already applied for the University’s Student Residence, write down Student Residence, City University of Hong Kong, Cornwall Street, Kowloon, Hong Kong in the Form ID995A as your residential address in Hong Kong; for applicants who live off campus, please write your Hong Kong address in the Form ID995A (item 6(ii) on page 3) and provide the proof of address, e.g. copy of the lease agreement; *You are eligible to apply for the University's Student Residence if you are (also refer to Housing Eligibility):

    *You are eligible to apply for the University's Student Residence if you are (also refer to Housing Eligibility)
      a.Full-time Students in Government funded Bachelor’s Degree Programmes
      b.Full-time Incoming Bachelor’s Degree Exchange Students (with established agreements on student exchange with the university)
      c. Full-time Postgraduate Students studying in Government funded programmes within normal period.
    Students who are not in any of the aforementioned categories may contact Student Residence Office or their respective home college/school/department for further enquiry about on-campus housing eligibility.

  • Photocopies of financial documents under the name of applicant, e.g. bank statements, savings account passbooks, scholarship award notification, tax receipts and salary slips. If you are financially sponsored by another party, provide the sponsor's financial statements (do not send original documents as, once submitted, all documents are irretrievable);
  • If you are a resident of mainland China, enclose a photocopy of your People's Republic of China resident identity card; also if you have a valid Exit-entry Permit for Travelling to and from Hong Kong and Macao (因私/因公往來港澳通行證), enclose a photocopy of the page with your personal particulars;
  • If you are a Macao resident, enclose a photocopy of your Macao identity card; and/or
  • If you are a Taiwan resident, enclose a photocopy of each of your household registration in Taiwan (戶籍謄本) and Taiwan identity card.
Administrative Fee

A payment of HK$600 will be charged. Payment can be made by either of the methods below. The fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.

  • By bank draft: enclose a bank draft made payable to "City University of Hong Kong" in Hong Kong dollars with the visa application that will be posted to us; or
  • By online credit card: you may complete the payment via the online system for Request for Student Visa/Entry permit Sponsorship. Only Visa and MasterCard will be accepted.
  • What Happens Next

    Upon receipt of the applicant’s visa/entry permit application in a full and complete set, the University will issue the Application Form ID995B for Entry for Study (Sponsor) in Hong Kong and forward the application to the Immigration Department for approval.

    When your student visa/entry permit is granted, the University will collect the self-adhesive visa/entry permit label on your behalf from the Immigration Department and send it to you via courier at the address provided in your Request for Visa Sponsorship and Student's Agreement.

    After receiving your visa/permit label, affix it to a blank page in your travel document.

    If you are a permanent resident in mainland China, you can apply for the Exit-entry Permit for Travelling to and from Hong Kong and Macao (EEP) and an exit endorsement from the Public Security Bureau after obtaining your Hong Kong entry permit label. Affix the entry permit label to a blank page of your EEP or bring the entry permit label with you when you enter Hong Kong if you are holding the credit-card-sized EEP.

    Student Visa/Entry Permit Validation

    Student visa/entry permit must be validated upon entry to Hong Kong. Remember to present your student visa/entry permit to the immigration officer at the checkpoint. A landing slip bearing your name, travel document number, arrival date, conditions and limit of stay in Hong Kong will be issued to you upon arrival. Do not lose your landing slip as it is a proof of your condition of stay in Hong Kong.

    Additional Notes
    • The University will not be able to sponsor your student visa/entry permit application if the application is incomplete.
    • The Hong Kong Immigration Department may request additional information and documents while processing the student visa/entry permit application.
    • Student visa and entry permit holders are subject to the following conditions of stay:
      1. You must attend the educational institution, i.e. City University of Hong Kong, and undertake the programme or course of study as named in the letter of admission issued by the University; and
      2. You must not take up any employment, whether paid or unpaid, or establish or join any business, unless you have secured prior approval from the Immigration Department (see Part-time Work & Internship).
    • It is the student's sole responsibility to:
      1. obtain a valid student visa/entry permit before entering Hong Kong;
      2. maintain a valid travel document; and
      3. understand and comply with the terms and conditions of your student visa/entry permit while studying in Hong Kong.
    • The University reserves the right to withdraw the sponsorship and report to the Hong Kong Immigration Department if a student's study and/or enrolment status at the University has changed.
    • Students holding the following travel documents are considered to be non-local students in the University:
      1. Student visa / entery permit;
      2. Visa / entry permit under the Immigration Arrangements for Non-local Graduates; or
      3. Dependent visa / entry permit who were 18 years old or above when they were issued with such visa /entry permit by the Director of Immigration.