IGNITE Training Programme

An eight-week programme to educate, guide and inspire students and others interested in launching successful start-ups how to start their entrepreneurial journey from scratch. The programme comprises six one-week education modules and a two-week practical case study module. The mission of the programme is to help you: 

Identify your market and users

Grow a product story

Navigate tech to create a prototype

Inspire like-minded peers

Test your business model

Empower with funding

In the six-week education module, participants will learn how to develop a business plan and deliver a pitch by attending evening classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays. On Wednesdays, participants are invited to attend optional mentor sessions, in which industry leaders/start-up mentors share their successful experience, including difficulties they encountered, and give advice to their mentees. Your active involvement in the sessions will benefit you and your team.  

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