Xixiang XU

LONGi Central R&D Institute (China)

Invited Speaker


Dr. Xixiang Xu is the vice president of LONGi Central R&D Institute. He has over 30-year experience in photovoltaic & semiconductor device technology development, technology transfer and materials characterizations. His research work focuses on photovoltaic technology, including silicon heterojunction solar cell, perovskite tandem solar cell, back-contacted solar cell and other innovative PV technologies. He leads the research team at LONGi and broke the efficiency record of SHJ cell 12 times, pushing the efficiency to 26.81% which is the highest efficiency of all silicon based solar cells. He is a recipient of grant for “outstanding young scientists” of National Foundation of Science and Technology, Japan NEC C&C Foundation fellowship and “Hundred Talent Plan” in Sichuan, China.

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