Host universities shall waive the tuition fees for exchange students. Students just need to pay the normal tuition and other study-related fees to CityU during the exchange period. Exchange students are also responsible for financing their travel, accommodation, living expenses, visa, insurance, books, etc.

    Estimated Expenses

    From our surveys conducted among returned exchange students in 2016-2017, the table below shows the average exchange-related expenses (including airfare, accommodation, meal, living expenses, student visa, and other exchange-related items) in different regions. The numbers provided below are for reference only:

    *Average of Core Expenses for Exchange

    *Total Average Cost for Exchange
    (airfare, housing & incidental expenses for 4 months)

    (A) Airfare
    (B) Accommodation Fee for 4 Months
    (C) Incidental Expenses for 4 Months
    (e.g. meals, transportation, books, etc.)
    Africa, Americas, Europe & Middle East
    $43, 713
    Mainland China

    Source: Undergraduate Student Exchange Programme Survey, Semester A&B, 2016-17.
    *The figures exclude expenses incurred by sightseeing and entertainment. Round off to the highest integer number.