Name Position Email Tel. no.
Prof. Wen ZHOU Director
Email address 3442-7816
Prof. Johnny CHAN Prof (Chair) of Atmospheric Science Email address 3442-7820
Prof. Ronghui HUANG Honorary Professor
(Academician, Chinese Academy of Sciences)


Prof. Chongyin LI Honorary Professor
(Academician, Chinese Academy of Sciences)


Dr. Keith NGAN Assistant Professor
Email address 3442-6702
Dr. Xuan WANG Assistant Professor
Email address 3442-2483
Dr. Lin ZHANG Assistant Professor
Email address 3442-4012
Dr. Kening ZHU Assistant Professor
Email address 3442-4616
Research Staff
Dr. King Yeung CHEUNG Postdoctoral Fellow
Dr. Charlie LOK Postdoctoral Fellow
Dr. Yue ZHANG Postdoctoral Fellow
Kin Sik LIU Research Assistant
Dr. Zhenchen LIU Research Assistant
Research Student
Yuntao JIAN PhD student
Xiaocheng YU PhD student
Ye TIAN PhD student
Tejas Dattaram MORE PhD student
Lakshani ERANDANI PhD student