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Rainstorm Warning

Amber or Red Rainstorm Warning

When Amber or Red Rainstorm Warning is issued, all CityU classes and examinations will continue as normal. All offices will remain open. For other activities on Campus, please watch for announcements or contact the organizer.

Black Rainstorm Warning

Arrangements for Online Classes and Examinations

If the Hong Kong Observatory announces that a black rainstorm warning is issued, for online classes or examinations that are scheduled later in the day, the Course Leader of the classes or examinations shall decide whether the classes should continue as scheduled or be cancelled. All relevant students should be informed of the decision by email as soon as practicable.

If Black Rainstorm Warning is issued, classes and examinations will be suspended as appended below:


Black Rainstorm Warning issued

Classes / Examinations of

Sessions Suspended

At or after 7 am

School of Continuing and Professional Education (SCOPE+)

Morning sessions with commencement time before
2:00 pm

At or after noon

Afternoon sessions with commencement time at or
after 2:00 pm but before
6:30 pm

At or after 4 pm

Evening sessions with commencement time at or after
6:30 pm



If Black Rainstorm Warning is issued during a class or examination period, all classes and examinations already in progress should continue except for situations which endanger students and warrant immediate termination of the classes and examinations as determined by ARRO / SGS / SCOPE in consultation with DFM. For an emergency situation in the venue which poses immediate danger to students, the lecturer / Chief Invigilator may terminate the class / examination and report to ARRO / SGS / SCOPE subsequently.


Interviews, admission tests, student enrolment and all other activities should continue to be held for candidates / applicants who have arrived on campus. Outdoor activities should be cancelled.


Students and visitors should be advised to stay until the black rainstorm warning has been cancelled and traffic conditions have improved.


Announcements made by the Government’s Education Bureau relating to suspension of classes for schools, post-secondary colleges and technical institutes etc. do not apply to the University.



The term “Classes and Examinations of CityU” shall mean teaching activities and the examinations of CityU award-bearing programmes.


The term “Classes and Examinations of SCOPE” shall mean classes / examinations of courses and non-CityU award-bearing programmes and other activities run by SCOPE.