Conducting Online Examinations with Canvas Classic Quizzes

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This webpage contains only recommendations and critical information for teachers at CityU to use Canvas Classic Quizzes as a tool to conduct online examinations. If you are not familiar with the features and functions of Canvas Classic Quizzes, please watch the video at

In this webpage, the term "quiz" or "online quiz" means an assessment created with the Canvas Classic Quizzes feature. In the current context, it can be a mock examination or an actual examination.

Checklist for conducting an exam using online quiz

Has a mock exam been prepared?

Before publishing the quiz, have you set the time period?

Have you published the quiz?

Section 1 - Create a quiz with the critical settings

Set the quiz options

Add questions in a quiz

Set the available period of the quiz

Section 2 - Delivery, monitoring and grading

Stage 1
use practice quiz to deliver a mock exam

Stage 2
use graded quiz to conduct an examination

Section 3 (optional) - Lock down the quiz environment

Respondus LockDown Browser (Respondus Monitor required)