How to create and manage Turnitin Assignment in Canvas Course Site

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Create Turnitin assignment

  1. After logging in Canvas, go to the course site under Courses from left;
  2. Click Assignments from left Course Navigation;
  3. Click + Assignment ;
  4. Input Assignment Name and Points fields;
  5. In Submission Type, do the below steps: click to view screen shot......
    1. Select External Tool option from drop-down menu;
    2. Click button Find;
    3. Mouse over the list under Configure External Tool, scroll down the list and select Turnitin, click "Select";
      (animated instruction about selecting Turnitin from External Tool)
    4. Tick Load this tool in new tab (recommended).
  6. In Assign box, set Due (deadline);
  7. Click the Save & Publish button if ready.

(video instruction is available here)

Further actions:

More information:

Re-confirm Turnitin settings

  1. Click on the assignment name in Assignments;
  2. Click Load ... in a new window and then click Settings;
    (or click Settings directly if no this button Load ... in a new window)
  3. Click Optional settings, the below options can be set:
    • Submissions to this assignment will be stored in standard paper repository?
    • Allow late submissions?
    • Allow resubmissions until due date?
    • Allow students to view Originality Reports?
  4. Click the Submit button.

More instructions about Turnitin assignment settings are located at below links.

View submissions in Assignment Inbox

(Once students have submitted assignments......)

After clicking on Load ... in a new window, you can use the below features in Assignment Inbox.

  • View the list of student submissions with similarity index sorting
  • Access Similarity Report of each submission
  • Download original submitted files

Those features are introduced in the infographic instruction (point 1 - 3) click here.

Access similarity report

As the infographic instruction (point 2) click here, click the similarity score from the % column to open the document viewer (Turnitin Feedback Studio).

More instructions about similarity report are located at below links.

Download similarity report

You and students (if "Allow students to view Similarity Report" is enabled) can download their own similarity reports by clicking Download button and then Current View on the document viewer.

More instructions about downloading similarity report are located at below links.

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