Workshop Series

STEP - Strategic Teaching Enhancement Programme 2008/09

STEP 2008/09

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The Education Development Office (EDO) has a pivotal role to play in student learning, the professional development of academic staff, and e-learning initiatives, and has responsibility for bringing teachers and students together to develop effective pedagogy for enhancing student learning. EDO has developed STEP to assist new and experienced academic staff to adapt to the changing nature of the environment in which they work, and incorporates significant learning opportunities in relation to OBTL and e-learning, as well as maintaining the focus on understanding how our students learn, assessing the strengths and weaknesses in their learning strategies, and providing resources and academic support to enable students to take proactive action to better manage their own learning.


Intended Learning Outcomes of the Programme

At the end of the programme, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the essential elements in the structure of a 4-year programme of study at CityU;
  • Outline some general principles relating to Gateway Education programmes;
  • Develop constructively aligned Intended Learning Outcomes (ILOs), Teaching and Learning Activities (TLAs) and Assessment Tasks (ATs) for their respective programmes and courses;
  • Experiment with new and innovative teaching activities through the deployment of e-learning;
  • Reflect and improve on their teaching practices as professionals.


Programme Outline

With the OBTL project entering its third year of implementation, STEP 2008-09 continues to offer sessions to explore pertinent issues of this important project. On the other hand however, the transition to the 4-year Degree is less than four years away, and the entire University has to gear up for this important, “once in a generation” educational change. OBTL principles are expected to be fully adopted in the 4-year Degree, and the University is expected to bring forward some of the benefits of the 4-year programmes to current cohorts of students. To help colleagues prepare for the 4-year transition while moving ahead with OBTL, this season of STEP has the dual purpose of introducing the 4-year Degree as well as continuing with practical examples for OBTL. Senior colleagues, faculty members and visiting experts will be invited to share innovative practices and experiences.

Session Topic Date


Preparing for the Transition – the 4-year Degree Explained

30 September 2008


Key Features of Effective Gateway Education(GE) Programmes

14 October 2008


Progress Report on City University's Gateway Education(GE) Programme Implementation

21 October 2008


Faculty Perspectives on Gateway Education (GE) Course Development

28 October 2008


OBTL: Intended Learning Outcomes (ILOs) Mappings

4 November 2008


OBTL: Alerting Students to Their Ethical Responsibility– Plagiarism Prevention & Detection

11 November 2008


OBTL: Transferrable Skills

18 November 2008


English Language Enhancement Initiatives

25 November 2008


Encouraging Students' Reflective Practices–e-Portfolio

2 December 2008


Developing Reflective Practice for Professional Advancement

9 December 2008