Workshop Series

STEP - Strategic Teaching Enhancement Programme 2005/06

STEP 2005/06

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Introduction to STEP

Higher education is facing unprecedented global change, and the pace of this change will continue to increase as universities and colleges adapt to the ever-changing demands of our societies. Hong Kong SAR, and City University of Hong Kong are at the forefront of these changes. The Strategic Teaching Enhancement Programme has been developed to replace the Teaching Enhancement Course and reflect recent changes to the higher education context. The adoption of outcome-based teaching and learning (OBTL), the Learning And Study Strategies Inventory (LASSI), criterion-referenced assessment, and the plan for e-learning, present staff with significant challenges and opportunities for professional development.

These challenges, coupled with the education system transforming to 4 year undergraduate degrees mean that, not only are increasing numbers of students entering City University, but also that these students will remain with us for a longer period of time. It is therefore crucial that we provide an excellent educational experience for these future generations of professionals and leaders of our society by helping them to become engaged and active learners, equipped to continue as life-long learners after they leave City University.

The Education Development Office (EDO) has a pivotal role to play in student learning, the professional development of academic staff, and e-learning initiatives, and has responsibility for bringing teachers and students together to develop effective pedagogy for enhancing student learning. EDO has developed STEP to assist new and experienced academic staff to adapt to the changing nature of the environment in which they work, and incorporates significant learning opportunities in relation to OBTL and e-learning, as well as maintaining the focus on understanding how our students learn, assessing the strengths and weaknesses in their learning strategies, and providing resources and academic support to enable students to take proactive action to better manage their own learning.

STEP consists of 10 related workshops where participants are engaged in a range of interactive activities to assist them to meet the challenges outlined above.


STEP Desired Learning Outcomes

  • At the end of the programme, participants will have:
  • Discussed current issues affecting the teaching and learning environment at City University of Hong;
  • Analysed the different learning skills and styles that students can have and designed appropriate activities to assist and enhance student learning;
  • Developed intended learning outcomes for programmes and courses with some initial concepts of teaching and learning activities and assessments and how these should be constructively aligned;
  • Experimented with new and innovative teaching activities through the deployment of e-learning;
  • Reflected and improved on their teaching practices as professionals.


Outline of Workshops




Understanding The University Environment


Knowing Your Students


Developing Intended Learning Outcomes and Teaching Plans


Revisiting Intended Learning Outcomes of Your Subject


Creating a Positive Learning Environment


Encouraging Active Learning


Assessing Intended Learning Outcomes


Adopting e-Learning for OBTL I


Adopting e-Learning for OBTL II


Developing Reflective Professional Practice