Engaging Students in Large Classes

Workshop Series

Date: 27 October 2009

Time: 12:30-2:30pm (A light lunch will be provided from 12:30pm - 1:00pm)

Venue: B4702


  • Dr Paul HANSTEDT, Fulbright Scholar in Gateway Education

    Paul Hanstedt is the recipient of a half-million dollar (US) FIPSE grant for sustainable faculty development, several teaching awards from three different institutions, and a Fulbright Grant in Gateway Education. During his tenure at his home institution in Virginia, Professor Hanstedt led his campus in a successful curricular revision that resulted in a theme-based gateway education program featuring writing, quantitative reasoning, and oral communications across the curriculum. In addition to editing a national literary journal, Hanstedt writes fiction and drama and is an active scholar in the field of composition and rhetoric. His most recent research includes collaborations with professors from biology and psychology exploring the implications of cognitive neuroscience for the teaching of writing, as well as work with mathematics faculty that examines using writing to reduce student resistance to math. He is based at HKIEd through June 2010.


Large classes are a fact of life in higher education. This session is designed to address questions about the use of innovative and active pedagogies in large classes (N > 100). How does one manage the logistics of such a class? What are the options for the lecture format? What are the advantages we can take from large classes? Unique challenges of teaching in large classes will be identified and strategies to promote deep and engaged learning will be suggested to address these challenges. The use of technology, classroom management strategies, and other tools to promote student engagement in large classes will be examined in this session.

Session Materials